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barn metal roof
What is your pet crazy story?

The children and I just got a new kitten. She is so cute! It was a barn kitten for an elderly couple who live near here. The woman dropped her last night. Then I found myself in the kitchen drinking water when out of nowhere, she jumped on the windowsill and the window on the roof of the neighbor! It is a sloping, steep metal roof and slid until he fell two floors and the ground below! She had not even been home in ten minutes. I could not believe it! Then, two friends showed up five minutes later and I told them what happened. He went downstairs and found her sitting in the grass right under the window! He brought her back upstairs, and I could not believe he had found. Poor trembling, his heart was pounding and his eyes were huge. She spent two hours on someone's lap. It has not disappeared for nearly a window! I think I'll name her peril. This is mine. What is the yours?

When I was 14 and my host family in fourth, we had a tank large fish. It was at least 4 feet long. Anyway my foster brother Henry loved to just sit and look inside the goldfish. Henry was 10 and having a disability. He would sometimes sit in front of it for hours. Being a student of human nature, which I awfully curious. One day I decided that, having finished washing the dishes that I join him. At this moment, I caught the rest slope Henry a "greyhound" (part grapefruit juice, vodka part) in the fish tank. I scolded and then finished in time for join to watch the fish. The goldfish swam 11 through the bottom of the tank in a straight line. Then they swam to shore, always single file. When they reached the top of the tank, they jumped in the air and water. They did it one by one, like dogs or something. I wanted to stop and ask someone because I could not believe my eyes. But I did not want to miss either of strangeness. So, apparently, goldfish have a pretty high tolerance for vodka.


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