Best Metal Roof

best metal roof
What is the best roof to enter New England. versus metal shingles info appreciated, too?

we need to replace 32 feet square (in terms of coverage) of the second layer of roof. While everything must come down. What is the best material and what is the approximate cost? thank you much

In New England, with sloping roofs pitched and the amount of snow, the best choice, without question would be metal. Although steel roofs cost initial life will be more than two, three or even four times longer. If you replace the complete roof is now time to go to a metal roof. Or Incidentally, the terms of coverage would be "squares" not square feet. A square of roofing is 100 square feet. Either you need replace or 3,200 square feet 0.32 square. 0.32 square (32 square feet) must be connected and if you have a tiny house roof replacement complete seems to be exaggerated. At 3200 square feet (32 square) suggests you should make the new metal roof unless you have a great castle.

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