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buy metal roofing

Modern Metal roofing has many advantages

For many owners I speak with the "metal roof" evokes pictures of rusted tin sheets hanging dangerously decomposition barn. Not surprisingly, they can not imagine why I recommend a metal roof or why any owner would be seriously considered.

Of course, the truth about metal roofs Modern is actually quite different. First, while the sheet metal roof could make large barn, it is not a good choice for homes. The metal roof dwelling I install is actually composed of shingle-clad steel or concrete panels. They come in a range of styles and colors, many of which are indistinguishable from more common species of the roof, such as asphalt shingles, clay tile and even slate.

But that's where the similarities end. The metal roof has many advantages over other materials.

A roof, two jobs

Each roof has two critical jobs: One is to protect the time, and most products roofing do a good job of that for as long as they last, provided they are installed properly to begin. Another work, which becomes increasingly important as energy costs rising, energy savings in a house.

This is the hot months Summer has really distinguish a roofing material of another. Many conventional roofing materials based on a flat roof and the conduct of sun's heat directly into the envelope below, then finally into the attic where he can raise the temperature inside the house dramatically the cause of your central air conditioning to work harder to keep the house comfortable.

Most metal shingles are shaped to provide an insulating space between the roofing material and the envelope below. The difference in your comfort and your electricity bill is important. It the same principle as the airspace of the insulation inside a double glazed window. By creating a barrier between the outside and the interior, the impact that the weather hot and cold on your indoor climate is considerably reduced.

Green Roofing Materials

Another important advantage that metal roofing has over more traditional materials is it is less damaging to the environment. The most common roofing material – asphalt shingle – are petroleum based. Thus, production these shingles contributes to the negative impact on the environment of recovery and processing of oil. Then at the end of their useful life useful (about 17 years on average), they end up in the landfill with millions of tons of other scrap asphalt shingles where it can take decades for them to biodegrade.

A steel roof , on the other hand, is likely to be the last roof you will ever need Home, so they do not contribute to landfill issues. And in the case where a roof steel should be removed, the steel can often be recycled.

Cost v. Value

You probably already guessed that metal roofing is more expensive than some other materials Roof popular. That is, they are more expensive than you divide the initial investment during the lifetime of the product. Remember, get 17 years from an asphalt shingle roof is a pretty good result. On the other hand, a metal roof can easily last as long as 50 years. It is a nearly three to one advantage for the metal. So what costs more – a steel roof or three asphalt roofs? Advantage: metal roofing.

Of course, there is also the issue of sustainability. Asphalt shingles relatively susceptible to wind damage and hail. steel roof, on the other hand, can be rated for winds up to 130 mph. In addition, the brand of metal roofing we install has received the highest rating for resistance impact of available Underwriters Laboratory.

All in all, there are many advantages, and lower very low, installation metal roofing on a house you plan to stay in a moment. Your roof is really your first line of defense against the elements utility bills public outrage. So why settle for less than the best protection and performance that money can buy?

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