Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

corrugated metal roofing panels
I want to build a greenhouse using metal studs and roof panels of corrugated iron. Has anyone done this before?

I 'm not a joiner, but I think the greenhouse is a post-style rafters and / or gable style. The measurements are 8 feet wide by 6 feet long and 8 feet high in the center. Im trying to make it as cheap as possible but also robust so im using materials from Lowes. At Lowes are 96 "x26" panels corrugated metal roofing for $ 20 and metal studs for framing. Im wondering if anyone else hase done this before. If yes would you like share your materials list and some shots of the greenhouse effect. I would appreciate any comments or concerns, thank you.

hello there. I researched and blogs on the topic of building a greenhouse and at least wide amateur, I have not met people who frequently use steel poles … I suppose for the obvious reason of rust. I would say that the zinc coating would scale after while at the welds rust spot. If you were gun ho to have a steel frame, I am super picky about the liner, esspecially in welds.

sandwich panels and Metal Roofing Solutions.mpg

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