Diy Metal Roofing

diy metal roofing
Extend far plasterboard in a position and building frames?

We've built a 20X30 room in a building 30X50 metal. Truss is the 10 'poles spaced 10' high cross at the bottom of the joist. Having a new wall, 16 oc, installed just touch the item transverse beam. Will install the plasterboard 10 ', which should reach the bottom of the beam cross members, after the ceiling insulation above the room inside. This leaves the rest of the farm exposed. I guess the roof line is about 14. Thus, it leaves the same open space above of the room. Question is, do I extend the drywall on the spot and completely cover the outside of the farm and around the room "attic"? Should I go all the way to the metal, leaving a slight gap between the bottom panels 2X6 pitch? Ventilation is provided by the eaves on both the new room and the rest of the garage area. Steve DIY Doc, valued opinion here, plus others.

Hey, thanks. I'm not the Mighty Mouse, So I can not save the world, but certainly, I will offer my opinions. If you can still access this area of ​​equality above, If I did, I'd probably be all the way drywall. If farms are not strictly allow the area to be well used, namely: on around the space, I close the bottom "chamber" will be any "cap" height, and we still want access the space above. Since you have the ventilation problems in care, I would not worry about space. It seems to me that only adds effort to work without any major cause and effect. I guess it's steel trusses as well? At least as they support the roof? Try visualize the whole, not just more inside. It seems however that the 2/x30 is the main issue, while trying to find a deeper sense of properties insulation above, or even some use of space, even with farms.

DIY Metal Roofing – Roof Installation & Proper Ventilation

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