Energy Star Metal Roofing

energy star metal roofing
Metal roof in a cold climate?

We need a new roof and considered metal for durability. I see it is a tax cut from metal roofs reflect more light resulting in a reduction of cooling needs. We live Buffalo, NY, where it is very seldom sun a lot and although our house does have central air, we use it only rarely. Six months of the year we have the heat on. Will get a roof that reflects ENERGY STAR because our house to be even colder in the fall, winter and spring? I guess in winter, there will not be much difference because the roof is covered with snow. But in the fall and spring, would we need to start the heat faster and retain longer because of the "Energy Star" roof?

The roof, whether metal or shingle, will not affect the heating / cooling cost of your house one way or another, unless you have not insulation or too little insulation above the ceiling in the attic. The ceiling insulation above & is the most important thing of all. Do not choose a dark roof, which will attract and absorb more sunlight, you want a light color to reflect sunlight upwards and away. This will help to keep the cooler earth (something to help global warming). Reflecting sunlight will also help keep the attic cooler too, but it gets a little bit warmer up there with a metal roof instead of shingles. I continue to recommend a metal roof every day on the shingles, a metal roof good last 100 years or more if properly supported. roof shingles should be replaced every 20-30 years and it's expensive but they have a 50-year shingles on the market today. They can have one that qualifies as an Energy Star too but I'm not sure. Metal roofs are more expensive to install too if you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of expenditure at present and future costs for maintenance and / or replacement may be necessary. Another thing I like about metal roofs is that you can repaint it a different color when you want it.

Metal Roof Energy Star Tax Credit – South Florida Roofing Contractor

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