Industrial Metal Roofing

industrial metal roofing
How can I estimate the cost of an industrial building size?

I need to estimate the cost of a building industry. The building is 15,070 m ^ 2. It has a concrete floor slab and 10% of the building is office space. It is built with "I" beam supports. The roof is about 150 feet high, flat roof. The exterior is really thick notched plate. There are 4 roll up doors. and 4 doors normal business. I am not a professional appraiser. My boss just wants a budget estimate for planning. I have a book called RSMeans Cost estimate but I do have the right for this job. Does anyone have an estimate of the cost of this building. Any idea were I can find information to help you.

It is made by the cost per sq ft. Discover the cost in the area of ​​the building is located. Insurance companies have these tables.

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