Maine Roofing

maine roofing
is a soft wood pine tree branch damage a roof?

we have a 300ft pine in our front yard. Some members do not seem as if they were in better shape. Some members within 5-10 feet of the roof. "Bad" members of a potential problem? My girlfriend thinks that members are too far and too soft for timber damage, so no hurricane winds. We live in Maine to avoid hurricanes, but many thousands Ice and snow Easter N'or

actually a pine branch can weigh a lot. That limber pine holds a lot of water weight and sap in it and this will cause damage. The problem is that it can cause damage you will not see until the wood rot under the shingles. A pine tree is dangerous to be near a house. If do not drop the root system may damage the foundations over time. A 300ft pine will have a massive root system.

Maine Roofing

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