Metal Roof Barn

metal roof barn
bat newborn found, need help ?!?!?

ok, so my grandparents society leaders a little fixing car, and they have this "big car" barn and summer, the bats have their babies. That's fine and nobody care, but then the roof metal gets really hot cuz of the sun so much of the fall babies. most of them die from the fall but some of them do and are quite good. So I put them in a loft area on the roof so that the mother could come down and make them … but some of them arent taken. What can I do? take them to a home is not an option. then maybe How can I raise them to release?

Baby bat found near a house can simply be placed within the upper hand otherwise, keep bats warm until dusk where it should be placed outside on a large flat area, for example, the garage roof. Infants emit a call distress of the mother to answer if she is within earshot and pick up her baby. If the mother does not return after two hours, the baby would need to be taken to a rehabilitation center where it can be lifted by hand.

Metal Barn Roof

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