Metal Roof Options

metal roof options
insulation roof garage need help!?

im 16 and basically me and my friends are turning my garage into a kind of thing playroom. its pretty old, but will be good summer anyway so we got some carpet and painted the walls and everything, but the roof remains. I am by no means an expert so hobby but my GRAMP knows a thing or two for any type of work will be by him. any way when the roof is a type of metal thing like that … not very attractive in this will be our game room. so im asking what kind of options for insulation or more generally anything that might give the impression that I have better things to do. Taking the roof is pretty much the issue and must be as cheap as possible. i do not think anything fancy that anything is more beautiful than metal roofing dirty: (i was thinking maybe cardboard or sheets of wood or something thing but TBH I have no idea on DIY any help will be greatly appreciated!

easiest and cheapest way is to get about 8 x 4 drywall, a couple of rolls of loft insulation, box of screws and a common band. The whole lot will not cost much and you get a good job at the end. Insulate the roof with loft insulation, easiest way is to put a string between the roof joists to hold it in place. Fasten the drywall with screws (you can get good at it), tape the joints between panels. Job done. If you have any paint left, paint the boards. You and your friends have done in a few hours, get smart for, materials, after all, they wil use the room. B & Q do a good deal on the insulation of the attic yet. Good luck, hope this helps.

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