Metal Roof Panel

metal roof panel
Mold was on the ceilings of my mobile home 1970, which was removed with bleach. Can be painted ceilings?

The I think caps are original to the 1970 mobile home. There were leaks in the roof where rainwater entered the mold was about ceilings for about a year or more. All molds will not come off with bleach. I intend to take a Kilz primer to set limits before painting. The ceilings appear to be a drop ceiling from metal bars. The ceiling panels seems to be made a kind of material Styrofoam.

Make water source is assumed (leak), you can clean the best w bleach, let dry a few days, the Kilz or Zinsser w first primer, let dry, paint with latex paint color of choice ur — I would use a roller. I paint signs and metal bars at a time. to make it easier, if also paint the side walls and use a light color, the color of the ceiling painting itself that the side walls …

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