Metal Roof Residential

metal roof residential
Replacing the roof?

Seriously considering replacing the roof in asphalt shingles with a new metal roof residential. I live in a northern climate zone like some advice from owners of metal roofing in particular those who have a roof replaced with asphalt. Looking advanages, disadvantages and cost difference – is it worth it?

We just put one on our house. p finished doing it ourselves because entrepreneurs wanted a ridiculous amount. It cost us about $ 120 per square meter and we did not remove the old shingles, but we put the screws to 1×4 metal and also make insulation foam styo between 1×4 to help with noise and also to give us more insulation. So far, we love it, have had several large wind and rainstorms and did not hear more than conventional roofs. Good luck

Mary Duncanson- Billy Ellis Metal Roofing

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