Metal Roof Shingles

metal roof shingles
Installing a metal roof better than the shingles? Which is more expensive and takes better temperature in the house

We had a bad windstorm and allot of my shingles are lifted. I found a few shingles on the ground. I have an A-frame house. I want what I never choose to look good, but not more expensive. The insurance company is recovering more of the tab. I do not know if this matters, but I live in woods and moss tends to grow on the shingles even with attic fans. Metal roofs rust easily? Do they take into hailstorms? This is my second roof against storms and hail in 11 years using the shingles. Please I would appreciate responses from people who have firsthand knowledge of the shingles or metel, or any other matter that I have not heard of. 😉 All the Best Kats

Install a metal roof properly and you will have no problems long ago. Shingles will scam in time and winds as the place where I live. I do worry about the hail, a few minor dents is not something exp when you buy the right things. I use 3 'wide X 20-24 long He never worry abt these roofs. The 3 tabs are slaughtered on my school building after 5 years where the wind and rain hitting the metal and I put it is always perfect. I have an advantage in that I live near a manufacturer of metal roofing, so I get the harder about $ 6.50 each. Just buy the nails long with rubber Gromet and put it on the right and you'll never have to worry about it.

Decra Metal Roofing Shingle Installation – Roof Penetration Flashing – P4

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