Metal Roof Systems

metal roof systems

The latest trends in metal roofing

The latest innovation is now metal roofing. Available in a range of materials call today metal roofing provides resistance, flexibility, and permanence to compliment any home design. href = ""> roofing contractors metal roofing metal roofing prices for its beauty, endurance and renovation of conviviality.

Whenever the installation of metal roofing is being studied, aluminum is a natural choice because it offers strength and durability with light weight. In fact, within the aerospace industry, aluminum is the metal the number one choice, and it is not surprising that aluminum is desirable qualities in the material are equally popular among roofing contractors metal. The lighter weight of aluminum makes it easy for homeowners to redo the roof, which reduces the weight of their current roof while enjoying the beauty of metal roofing later. No structural reinforcement is needed that could be the case with the roofing tiles or slates. And because the aluminum roof resistant to corrosion and rust, it is an ideal material for use in coastal environments. Finally, aluminum is soft and flexible, allowing more creativity for the complex roof or delicately formed, without loss of strength or beauty.

Galvanized metal roofing

A roof that is really as strong as steel is galvanized metal roofing. A particular type of metal galvanized roofing is manufactured under the brand name, the fastest Galvalume in North American coated steel products more and more construction. The roof Metal is made of galvanized steel. She is strong, resists common external forces is very corrosive and resistant to two times the rate of metal Regular galvanized. Galvalume provides excellent reflective properties of heat. This imposes an additional burden on low energy buildings and contributes to greater comfort inside the building. An installation Galvalume metal roof looks amazing on every house, and maintenance very low and energy savings wonderful.

In fact, metal roofing manufactured by Galvalume has been tested by Central Florida Solar Energy and have passed UL 90 tests of the wind according to their weight and strength. This means that installation of metal roofing can withstand 155 mile per hour winds.

Today's metal roof made with galvanized steel is suitable for residential use and is usually coated with zinc (G90) or a combination of zinc and aluminum (AZ50) to provide resistance to the elements corrosive. Supplemental roof of galvanized steel are a great strength, greater resistance to wind uplift, which can damage a roof, and a variety of applications compared to other materials of metal roofing. Of course, this means owners can also enjoy a greater variety of products and prices that can be found with other types of metal roofing. Many roofing contractors metal are available to help you install your metal Roof

Metal roofing and energy efficiency

Homeowners who want to live more "green" and want to reduce their energy bills and add value as needed to their homes are pleased to energy efficiency and elements friendly environment of the metal roofing.

The metal roof installation also qualifies for owners an energy tax credit of up to $ 550 per year, with the permission of the United States Energy Policy Act of 2005. Just use IRS Form 5695. If you do not intend to move for several years, a roof installation of metal is a good investment, even if you do not receive the tax credit, simply because of economies in domestic energy costs.

Updates include the installation of metal roofs "cool metal roof" a solid, a good solution in search of metal roofing can save up to 40% on annual energy costs by where you live. The secret of the ability of the metal roof to save energy is its finish. The type of asphalt roofing dark trap heat in the house. Base metal roof that is not painted reflected solar energy from your roof with asphalt generally absorb. Houses in warm climates are best suited to granular coated metal roofing (pre-painted) that reflects solar energy and cools the house by re-emission of solar radiation absorbed. Best of all, metal roofing is created from recycled materials, and installation metal roofing can be done directly on your asphalt roof. Overall, the metal roof:

landfill Reduces waste

°, provides faster installation

· Year provides the most green roofs

· Is maintenance free

· Adds beauty and value to your home

· Offers a limited lifetime warranty

· Is expected to last over 150 years

If you're ready to transform your home using beautiful, energy efficiency, durable metal roofing, today is a great day to start.

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