Metal Roof Trusses

metal roof trusses

Light gauge steel (rebar) Systems and related products – from design to erection

AEC is a commercial single source of responsibility that offers design, engineering, fabrication and erection of structural steel and light gauge products. Through our partnerships with our suppliers listed at the bottom of the page, we have the ability to seamlessly move from a project the bidding and bonding phase in the design and see to the end, including standing seam roofs and leakproof weather. Our customers find that this single source responsibility approach to be the most effective approach available and profitable.

New website of the ACS Commercial LLC offers an overview of potential customers in its vast product offerings and partners. ACS will offer commercial products and services:

1) the metal roof deck

ACS Commercial and fourth generation product developed and patented an innovative structural failure that rises to the top chord of trusses spaced thin 48 " to c., delivering superior value resistance and the withdrawal of a member of 16 gauge instead of the traditional 22-gauge steel deck. The system also includes a roof failure girded starter / Terminator which provides for the attachment of gutters, fascias and soffits, facilitates the use of shields of water ice, while eliminating the use Wood pressure-treated nailer. This system is fully designed, offers better logistics, and eliminates wasted thresholds steel deck.

2) Light Gauge Steel Trusses ( rebar )

GBA trade in association with Fourth-generation product is an innovator in designing metal frame, metal frame manufacturing, and delivery farms of light gauge steel on the site. ACS Commercial uses commodity cee forms provided by our own profile. We manufacture in our local farms or on the site of a farm state of the art-portable template system. We take a common sense approach to making profiles with mesh that will transport the fewest problems. Where possible, we go on the site for rafting sections on the roof. In summary, ACS business is your only source of responsibility for light gauge steel truss design to delivery

3) The metal roofing systems

ACS Commercial provides design / Community building with the roof complete the package design. We start with metal frame and spans the optimum spacing. We proceed then the best solution for decks or failure to meet the load transfer. We integrate the necessary insulation and rigid ice shield / water for thermal protection and moisture. Our designs provide the appropriate solution to act seam roof system design from metal Drexel and we finish with the treatment of eaves dashboard applications that address and soffit.

4) Systems for manufacturing metal

ACS Commercial and fourth generation of products have revolutionized metal frame manufacturing. manufacturing of steel trusses long-range farms usually results in profiles of farms that are too large to transport without a special permit. Some models allow reinforcement metal on the back that are assembled on the ground. Another solution is a lightweight, mobile telescopic lattice gauge assembly process which produces the same quality in a lattice girder plant environment. ACS and FGP have developed and patented such an assembly process. For the economy and the rapid ramp up this sturdy steel tubular structure will allow a quick pace for long and large clusters to be sent directly from the assembly to the roof surface rafting or directly on the roof.

5) title = "Aluminum Composite Panel Systems"> Aluminum Composite Panel Systems

ACS commercial work to the fourth generation product developed and patented an aluminum High performance composite slab system that has the aesthetic appearance without equal and a year 20 installed on the architectural history of buildings important. This wall system is an innovative design with rain screen recognition as such by governmental agencies of the United States. In addition, our program integrity through-wall system provides the composite wall and the sub-structure light-gauge steel and cladding, insulation, protection against the elements and interior drywall of a source.

6 Floor aluminum) and composite wall systems.

ACS Steelform commercial partnership with USA is a industry leader in systems of concrete and steel floor thin composite and the wall. ACS developed "American Wall" which was designed to be America's best composite panel WALL SYSTEM. It is strongly structurally designed, tested, and quality made, and it also offers the facility in the economic field. Steelforms state of the art and thermally efficient profiles provide optimum performance of structure, 40% reduced weight, superior fire resistance, excellent sound quality ratings and thermal performance while offering built in the paths for pipes, plumbing and HVAC systems. Through this system can increase the cost of integrity and decrease for the manufacturer while receiving a superior product.

As a leader in this field, ACS Commercial LLC welcomes your tailored offers, questions, or product / service requests. Visit our new website title = "ACS Commercial LLC> today or call us at (404) 387-4118

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