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metal roof
What size (29 or 26) for a metal roof in Tennessee?

We live in SE TN and the need to replace our roof. We replace it with 29 or 26 pieces of metal. Problem Calibre 29 is cheaper but because of the zone (usually no snow or ice) not sure we need 26 gauge. We'll use galvalum Kynar coated. Most homes in the region, they say, use 29 gauge. The problem is class 26 is more expensive and does not need to know the heavy metal is necessary for the region. Any help would be appreciated.

A few things to keep in mind: Check your local building code. If one is allowed, ask your department head of building a recommendation. Ask your insurance agent. There could be a difference in your insurance premium based on the gauge. Not only do you have to consider snow and ice, but also hail. Is there a difference in life expectancy? Most of life, the best for resale value.

Metal roofing – Ridge-vent installation

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