Metal Roofing Colors

metal roofing colors
my bird fell from the roof and it fell on a metal grid is made ​​of his leg and he can not walk very well what I gotta do

my bird can not walk very well what I should do my bird can walk well? and I do not know who is this bird that comes into my house and I keep it, but I do not know what it is silver similer to pigeon legs and pink and black line on the eye, this bird as the moon very much plz tell me what should I do to help him walk and what is that bird called?

DO NOT USE AN anti septic cream Unless you take the Bird to Vet and have received the correct medication. It looks like a pigeon, there a ring on its leg? I need to see a photo of birdto identify for you.If you can send me a message I'll try to help. The reason I say do not put him on medication tanks is that if it should get it in her mouth to peck at his leg, he could make you sick. Soak the leg in a cup or bowl of warm water with a spoonful of Epson salts in it would be safer. Please contact us for more info about your bird. Certified Avian Specialist Sapphyre Register us

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