Metal Roofing Costs

metal roofing costs
The metal roof of a house: advantages over disadvantages and costs?

I saw some lovely country houses with colored roofs that resemble a tin roof. Is it profitable, and does absorb more heat in summer and lose more heat in winter? Where can I learn more?

BigDog is right on the cost … But there is a good compromise in that a steel roof has a guarantee of 100 years! We JUST re-roofed ranch with my brother (house, garage and tool shed) with steel roof to replace eight years old asphalt shingles. It will save him about $ 400 a year on their insurance because it is in a rural area prone to wildfires. The gain / heat loss is negligible because it is applied on the plywood and insulated attic. They choose a light color to reflect sunlight – the heat in summer because it's hot (100 + Avg in summer). Here are two sources:

Metal Roofing Cost – Find Out The Metal Roofing Cost

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