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Product Inspection Solutions provide quality assurance and brand protection

Nasch, Schatztruhe, Landliebe and Botterbloom – these are all well known brands of delicious ice cream and licensed products produced by R & R Ice Cream Deutschland GmbH. The recent merger of the company based Germany Roncadin and Richmond Ice Cream in Great Britain has made R & R in one of the largest ice cream manufacturers and distributors throughout Europe.

Although the vast range of R & R will vary greatly depending on their taste and recipes, all products have one thing in common – they are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards. Due to the highly perishable milk, much attention is placed at the highest level care and ensuring the highest quality and highest possible level of consumer protection for all products manufactured. Two R Deutschland Ice Cream & R GmbH production sites are certified according to EN EFSIS.

Ensure entire product

On the line production of lollipop, a check sorter XE3 METTLER TOLEDO Garvens cardboard boxes filled with a set of 3 or 12 units for the data. Checkweigher detects cardboard boxes that are not completely filled and automatically removes these from the production line. At a line speed of 52 meters per minute, up 150 packs per minute can be inspected. Thank you to optimally positioned product guides, open cardboard boxes are transferred, so reliable conveyor belt to customers after weighing.

The detection of metal contaminants

A metal detector METTLER TOLEDO Safeline, adjacent to the Checkweigher inspects fruit Weight Watcher's cuts to ensure they are free from any trace of metal contamination. With a detection sensitivity of the single "Feedback" metal detector detects even the non-ferrous metals such the types of non-magnetic stainless steel. In addition, the profile can be easily integrated into existing production lines and ensures automatic quality assurance.

Inspection of packaged products Metallic

On the "Cono-Line" to the R & R production cardboard boxes filled with ice cream cones are controlled using a system of inspection X-ray The METTLER TOLEDO Safeline AdvanCheK X-ray inspection allows reliable detection of foreign bodies such as glass, metal, stone and plastics at high density. Up 1 mm stainless steel fragments and 2.5 mm in small particles of broken glass can be reliably detected and automatically rejected despite metallic packaging. In addition, the system of X-ray inspection can also detect broken or incomplete products.METTLER TOLEDO provides the full range of modern solutions Inspection products under one roof. This makes the METTLER TOLEDO leading global provider of checkweighers, metal detectors and inspection systems, X-ray

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METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments for professional use. METTLER TOLEDO laboratory instruments are used in research, scientific, drug discovery, and quality control labs, amongst many others in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries.

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