Metal Roofing Sales

metal roofing sales
Ownership of land may change my Trailer Park in lease can not sell the mobile home?

Friend bought a trailer for himself and children. Now he wants to sell quickly. The owner of the park, he sold last year and now the new owner said: "You can not sell mobile, as it has a metal roof rather than a shingled roof! "Is this legal? What can he do, when he moved here he bought, like that! Just move and lose all his money? The owner of the park, then become the legal owner of the trailer to do what she wants? She also owns a mobile home sales company and I think she wins the way? This phone is completely renovated within and not over, but was last year they made metal roofs!

He needs to read his lease. The owner for the park and is bound by this agreement. But generally, I do not think the property owner can keep the trailer. The trailer belongs to your friend.

Metal Roofing Sales

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