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metal roofing sheets
Installing from pole to my sloping ceiling. How?

I bought a pole dance and I want to install. Someone knows about the plans limit which I can win also to evaluate a sloping ceiling? This is not flat. Also, I could install it in a barn without false ceiling. Only the 2×4 beams. Does anyone have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat? Oh … and the roof of the barn is just sheet metal … it will not hold that. Thank you for assistance.

They sell a metal plate with a hole in a donut that is used to attach metal studs to the ceiling and floor. You'll have to cut the post with a hacksaw to the same angle as your ceiling and then use the inclined plate as you would normally. You will not have to go in the attic. Just use a stud finder to locate your ceiling joists inside the sloping ceiling. If you do not mount the center of a joist, it will be dangerous. Good luck! :)

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