Metal Roofing Styles

metal roofing styles
Curb Appeal help !!!!?

I really need suggestions for this house that I bought. I'll try to explain best I can. If you can imagine an online city house, narrow and long. He has gray siding and metal roof I Blue! (I know) Anyway, there are two windows on each side of the door and a porch that is not a peak but rather paltry 2 style I guess. The window trim is painted light blue. I must do something to change that window trim. The porch has white columns. Do I paint the trim and tan columns to add contrast, then do something like a red door? sound of a house built in 1940. Please all suggestions are welcome! It also has a palisade and a carpet of white stone pebbles in front. Thank you again

try mauve.looks great with gray shutters, windows will also add to these

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