Metal Roofing Supply

metal roofing supply
The opinions on Carolina Carports Incorporated in Mount Airy, North Carolina?

I am considering installing a metal roof on my home. The contractor estimate was 3000. He said he used carport, inc. Mount Airy, North Carolina for its supplies. Does the company have a good rating on their hardware? Do metal roofs add value to your home? Are they meet Energy Star requirements?

This question has been a week without response. With regard to the material goes, the contractor must be willing to provide you with brochures of the manufacturer and that the technical specifications. It is also necessary to show all warranties on equipment before the sale. If he is not prepared to do all the above, I would find another contractor. You can also visit "Carport, Inc". They should also have all the information you want. Good luck with your project.

Mid Florida Metal Roofing Supply

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