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metal roofing systems
Chimney leak problem?

I have a wood stove with a triple wall pipe made ​​by White Metal Products. I had difficult to find where the water becomes It's not a problem with the roof so I have determined that the problem is in the ear chimney. I had problems locating the manufacturer to ask about the risk of leaks in their plumbing system. I think it Perhaps the rain cap, but we see nothing wrong with that. I sprayed water on the roof and all over the chimney, and it leaks not, but when it rains, even slightly, water penetrates

Over the next rain go on the attic and look for wetlands. In fact, you can inspect the attic for water stains at any time. If the problem is not flashing. The only place where water can enter is CAP. Replace the cap. His most likely leaking down to the rivets and the chimney.

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