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Is it possible to paint a wall in the shower?

I bought my house last year, around 40 years. The padded room Bathroom was poorly repaired. Its obvious that there was a leak at some point in the shower. Now the tiles fell soap on the wall. Backer behind it looks pretty damaged. Steaks, now I have to fix it. On a tight budget. Now that I'm breaking down walls and from scratch, I have many questions. I hate the tile, hate to clean, do not worry about how it looks, really hate define it. Do I have the wall tiles in the shower, is it OK to paint? Is there paint that can withstand the humidity? What I do to obtain a durable finish? How long would it last? I thougth the sheet metal or roofing tin surround. Ya, it sounds weird, but I think it would be a nice look inside a little at home. How does that take? What I have to do to ensure that is resistant to moisture? All men of the family say "Crazy Woman". Any ideas? Please HELP

Here is a solution to reduce costs .. Lowes and Home Depot (and others) have the shower / tub surrounds, you can buy, made of a fiber material glass. they have the appearance of tiles, but without the work or anything. Easy to clean / care because there is no real grout, and easy to install. Just put it up, screw it into the wall and use some waterproof / seal lock something like caulking to seal the edges to the wall and the bathtub. sheet metal / tin would be interesting, in the same concept of stones / rocks that some houses premium to make them a sauna / showers, but the management of tin / metal is more difficult because they rust / etc .. and most often this stuff is not just ugly and difficult to clean, but it could also be harmful if you inhale. if you have to paint part of the shower (As if the tub wall ends, and you still have a wall on the left), then I suggest applying a coat of Kilz primer first, then paint with a gloss / low gloss to make it easy to clean / remove the moisture that would build from a hot shower. here Link to the choice of Lowe's to give you an idea of ​​how much it will cost. i think this is the cheapest and best thing you can do for a shower tub surround .. Maintenance has never been easier for me. i used to have the tile and he collapsed and was gross / etc .. and I hated cleaning grout and caulking and return every few months! Good luck!

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