Residential Metal Roof

residential metal roof
What is the minimum noise requirements for a metal garage roof in a residential area?

My neighbor installed metal roofing on his garage next to my house within 10 feet from the side of my house (legal setbacks) in my area, no problem ….. snaps but the roof any abrupt changes in the day time temperature change and it's pretty boring. What should I do? I do not want to be a pest, but it's really Rack my brain. Sounds like someone throwing stones on the roof or when the acorns come from a tree on a metal roof! Bang bang ….. ….. ….. bang nerve racking

Most environmental agencies (look in your local councils website under noise pollution) does not work at levels minimum noise, if noise is annoying, it is within their jurisdiction, and if, after hearing the noise, find it annoying, seize Question for you. Generally they ask you to try to solve the problem yourself by talking to your neighbor, but if not possible, will ask you to keep track of when the noise can be heard, weather and other conditions, such noise can be heard on television or in the bedroom etc. There was a code of practice recommended noise levels during the day and night, I think the noise at night used to about 35-40 dB (A), and the day around 55 dB (A), but because the noise levels in rural areas are different city ​​noise levels, they are now working on "if the noise is annoying, and it can easily be reduced. Hope this helps, all the best.

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