Residential Metal Roofing

residential metal roofing
Need help with bids for commercial painting?

I do residential, but I've never done business. I need to give an offer for a shopping center. I measured and it has about 35,000 square feet of wall (stucco, brick) and approximately 15,000 square feet of roof metal that is also going to be painted. There will be 3 different colors, deep colors. I need a lift for about 1 week to get up there. There is no preparation time much more and I can work whenever I want because it is vacant. So roughly how much should I pay? I live in San Antonio texas. They provide all the paint.

Figure in the time required and the type of paint required (not expensive or better?) And when you use different colors, it will cost more, and only "one color paint job." Check Hardware and get your bids, saying that you are looking for a painter for your home. Also, call the paint companies, use the yellow pages, and simply request a free quote. Remember, TIME IS MONEY!

Metal Roof Standing Seam

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