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Introduce the main material of concrete brick machine

Currently, the production of concrete brick machine based primarily on the use of raw materials for cement and ordinary sand, artificial light overall (as expanded perlite ceramic materials, of ceramic pottery and raw fly ash), natural aggregates (such as pumice, volcanic slag and zeolite), overall waste light industrial (such as fly ash, the ash, the spontaneous combustion of coal, coke slag, expanded slag slag and beads of calcium) and other coarse aggregate light.

1. Cement: Cement Portland over 32.5 ordinary portland cement (GB175-1999) and Portland Slag Cement (GB1596-91), generally used during the summer production of slag cement. Should not be used pozzolana cement and fly ash cement.

content SiO2 ash at all levels above 40% Al2O3 content of 15%, bulk density of 516 ~ 107kg/m3, particle density 1800 ~ 2400kg/m3. In general, should use calcium, dry fly ash, which Gray Ⅰ Ⅱ and more strength 13Mpa quality blocks, which can not be used for fly ash intensity level Ⅲ block is not greater than 10 MPa.

Second, the carbide: carbide is the Power Stone (CaC 2) Preparation of waste generated during acetylene. Carbide slag and hydrated lime in the composition and of similar nature, Ca (OH) 2 content normally 60% -80% (dry basis). system wet processing in China to take more than the acetylene carbide high water content, concentrated by precipitation can be used. Carbide blue hair color, a slight odor, but harmless. If there is no alternative to carbide can be used fresh lime, are generally not use hydrated lime, lime RAM, if necessary, pre-grinding, sieving 0.080mm square mesh refinement is not more than 25% margin. Content requirements effective oxide lime calcium is not less than 70%, the highest possible, if the CaO content less may increase the lime content. Lime in the MgO <4%, otherwise the product easy to break. Plants electrical, chemical plants discharged waste lime, or shell powder can also be used in place of fuel used.

4, Gypsum: Gypsum is available to require more than 65% calcium sulphate, phosphogypsum also available (phosphate fertilizer industry, solid waste, P205 whose content less than 3%) instead.

5. slag: fly ash and its major components and the same density 600-900kg/m3, 1100-1800kg/m3 particle density, loss on ignition ≤ 20%, MgO content of less than 4%, CaO content of less than 5%, SO3 content of less than 4%, pass road test volume stability, particle size 0.16-10mm, the fineness modulus shall be between 2.4 to 4.2.

6. Sandy: According to the fineness modulus (Mx) can be divided into coarse sand (Mx is 3.7 to 3.1), medium sand (3.0 to 2.3 is Mx), fine sand (Mx of 2.0 to 1.6) and sandy (Mx to 1.5 at 0.7). This product fineness modulus of sand between Mx is 3.7 to 1.6, the content of the sludge must be less than 3%, due to adopt the river sand.

7. Gravel: gravel or pebbles, the size of more than 5 mm, less than 8 mm.

8. industrial waste: including fly ash, slag, slag, tailings, slag, construction waste (slag bricks, of cement), coal and so on. The residue from industrial waste can be used in conjunction with its technical requirements are as follows: the residue of the loss on ignition shall not exceed 20%, SO3 ≤ 2%, the residue of sand grain size 0.3 1.3 mm, 0.1 mm powder content ≤ 20% of what follows may, on behalf of the sand used, the residue particle size of 3-15mm gravel, mud content ≤ 3% when used instead of gravel. The waste cycle of weight loss of 13%.

Coal is the roof, floor and the seam in the rock. Coal is not a single rock, but a mixture of carbon material and rock, which is instability, the combustion of coal combustion spontaneous or after the use of artificial, spontaneous combustion of coal is not a small softening coefficient of 0.8, the loss rate of spray less than 5%, ignition loss does not exceed 5%. Slag should be more than 6 months, the rate of SO3 no more than 1%, and maybe not garbage, weeds and so on.

Calcium high-temperature furnace slag is a vortex of molten slag, its temperature is usually in the 1200-1400 ℃, slagging the bottom when I overflow by water quenching, an explosion at a water quench 2-10mm of solid particles of water glass hardened slag the slag or residue liquid calcium, also called slag containing calcium and other active components CaO, SiO 2 content is high, is always determined by the detection of non-active. Dairy calcium quenching water quenching, particles exist in the cracks and constraints internal, large granule friable, small pellet was very strong, so use the residue of calcium must be broken.

9. volcanic slag: a Volcanic eruption of the material, porous, lightweight and toughness and strong features, improved insulation, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation effect. 580-800kg/m3 natural density. Crushing strength 3Mpa around.

10. pumice: This is a natural lightweight aggregate. Packing density 350-800kg/m3, crushing strength of 1.6MPa. Then, as their low resistance to crushing pumice, pumice concrete strength is not so high, but its good thermal insulation.

11. overall light: including ceramic clay, fly ash, ceramic perlite, floating pearls, shale, pumice, volcanic slag line (GB/T17431.1-1998) requirements, the grains of 10mm maximum diameter (fineness modulus of 2.3 in 4.0 is appropriate) with clay content <3%.

12. JFS activator: JFS is an activator of the basic material of this product, full activation of fly ash, some of the potential of industrial waste residue will play a decisive role. Verified by production practices, JFS activator success less content, the user cost is not very high, can significantly activate the activity of fly ash and to improve the density of the brick machine, impermeability, frost resistance, stability of carbonation, water resistance and control withdrawal, making the block significantly increased the strength and durability.

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