Seamless Metal Roof

seamless metal roof
How do I market and sell a spray on the rubber membrane for roofs, one of its nature a green product?

I have the equipment sputtering State Grant.It also much uses.Can application include wood, concrete, metal and old oil surfaces.Not roofs, but a stream of recycled tires with other mixtures. Water based for easy cleaning. Seamless, lightweight, and VERY economial.World class product, also looking for investors.

The hardest thing to go for building codes is the test of fire resistance. The roof and the siding should beable to support the flame for a certain period of time and then does not spread past a certain distance. This must be adopted before approving UL, UL must approve it before people building code will look the same. Discover some of ASTM to your library Local. This will tell you what tests to apply to run them. If you are interested in selling this idea then the head of a Manufacturer Cerenteed as large, Owens Corning or GAF. Send them a video of what is at stake and you might get bought.


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