Slate Metal Roofing

slate metal roofing
A house to last one thousand years?

Help me with a thought experiment. I want to build a house that will last 1000 years with a maintenance minimum. Yes, it will cost more, but the cost should not be ridiculous. Some thoughts: metal roof? Concrete floor slab? Slate or granite flooring? (No grout lines!) NO DRYWALL! Brick walls on the outside. Brick walls on the inside with insulation between exterior and interior (This type of insulation will last one thousand years)? Heating suplied mainly through the windows along the south side of the house (solar walls) AC / cooling? Mechanics? Plumbing? Health (I hate replacing faucets, toilet bowl parts, etc.)

Ideas …. 1: integrate in a hillside thus using the land on the sides and top to reduce heating / cooling costs. 2: Use easily available items such as old shipping containers as a basic structure as they take considerable time rust. If you have sanded and re-coated against weather and moisture, they could last forever buried. 3: Using two windows south-facing technologies and geo thermal heating would cost down. Using geo thermal water and cool the house in summer would reduce cost c /. 4: The plumbing is a problem, but the plastic pipes seem to work well and can be used for decades is no reason not to consider while everything Checkout. Appliances unfortunately another problem that no taps, etc. Traps are made to the time you want to spare parts would but if necessary the use of industrial type in a residence, then many years of life. Simplify toilets with cisterns of toilet and the old chain and flap using rainwater collected from the roof would save well. 5: Flooring … both slate and granite should be a kind of sealing between the joints, if you have a problem with dirt building under edges. Therefore search in concrete and a decent life in the system of floor heating which means less air ducts and better heating because it can be applied as in parts of speech. There is a lot you can do to make this very green with keeping maintenance costs down. Unfortunately, some Items will be high costs of the elevation.

Aluminum Slate roof

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