Steel Roofing Colors

steel roofing colors
Do I have to paint my new galvanized steel gutters?

I just installed new galvanized steel gutters on my detached garage/shop, and they look great as is. I had planned to sand/prime/paint them the same ugly pink color as the trim, but I’m looking at them now and they blend into the roof and give the shop a nice, finished look. I’ve read some conflicting stuff online–some sites say they must be painted, while others say the paint will just peel off.

Help please!
Thanks for your responses so far! The shop is on on the (windy and dry!) plains of Colorado and I have no deciduous trees around the area.

It is not necessary to paint to protect the gutters from the elements. Galvanize is a zinc coating. If there is a place where there is bare metal the zinc will migrate to the bare spot and coat it with zinc. As long as there is zinc on the gutter, the gutter will not rust.

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