Steel Roofing Prices

steel roofing prices
Price of a cabin in the small trees?

I intend to build a treehouse small / Platform. It will be about 4-7 feet in diameter, wood, and have railings made ​​from wood or steel / aluminum / etc. It will not roof, just a platform, trapping, and railings. What is your estimate of the cost of the material? o larry: Thanks for the reply. He most likely will not be a tree house permanently. It is built atop a 55 foot high pine oak, with branches extending radially from the trunk. 5 thin branches (1-1.5 in) will be the main support. It will be built so that it rests on the branches, rather than being nailed to them (they are too thin, anyway). It will probably last only 3 or so years before growth begins to strongly influence it. In other words, this is not your tree house all day.

if you buy new treated wood a few hundred dollars. which include funds and washers you'll need to attach to the tree. remember to leave room for the tree to grow or it will warp and twist your floor. I have what you describe and it started at 4 x 7. Now it is much larger. i add to every year. i use a plastic sheeting for the roof and remove it when winter arrives. I also put inside the outdoor carpet up there and remove it for winter as well. I built it for my daughter, but you'd be surprised how many adults climb to verify. good luck

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