Types Of Metal Roofing

types of metal roofing
what type of roof is best for a garage?

we heard a metal is good with little maintenance, but I am concerned about noise and I heard that you get condensation inside the garage.

I guess I'm not agree on the response of roof metal, the metal is excellent if you get a quality product. It is relatively easy to install if you make sure the first course is straight. Overlap each additional panel. You use screws to secure the technical and comes quickly. Because of its relative lightness, you can usually apply on existing asphalt shingles, without tearing. You can get the panels in a variety of lengths, ie if your roof is 12 feet gabled eaves, you can get 12 ft panels .. if it is 10 ', you can order 10', etc. The panels are nominally 36 "wide. You then add a ridge on the crest. If you get a quality product that has been electropainted … and there are probably 20 to 25 colors available. If you Menard one near you, go ahead. Go to building materials or the contractor sales area .. they have a wealth of knowledge about roofing materials metallic, do their own product in different thickness and quality and can be very useful in the installation instructions. You can order screws and the stock colors 3-4 colors they wear. The screws are also available in different sizes, you can deal with existing layers or not. I installed metal roofs over existing shingles and a roof area of ​​new and love over any other matter. Noise is minimal, and indeed pleasant for me if it rains. They last longer than most quality asphalt shingles and unless you scratch the painted surface outside, there should be no problem with rust.

SeamSafe Standing Seam Metal Roof Anchor

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