Does a Metal Roof Keep Your Home Cooler in the Summer?

Metal roofs are one of the most energy-efficient materials available to homeowners and can help reduce the energy used to cool their home. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs don't heat your home any more than any other type of roofing material. In fact, they can help keep the house cooler during the summer months. Metal roofs reflect light, while shingles tend to absorb heat, which can cause a rise in the temperature in your home.

Metal roofs tend to perform better in warmer climates than shingle roofs because they reflect heat, rather than absorb it. To correctly understand if metal roofs heat houses or not, it is useful to know all the variables at play. While the color and material of the ceiling will certainly affect the amount of heat accumulated by the ceiling, what most contributes to that heat reaching the lower room is the type of construction between the ceiling and the occupied space below. Thermal insulation will play one of the most important functions in determining the temperature of your home: when a house is properly insulated, the heat from a metal roof will escape to the outside, not inside.

Infrared roof inspections and energy audits can help you find weak spots in roof insulation, that is, points where heat transfer looks different from the rest of the roof. It is advisable to choose a metal roof to reduce heat. When it comes to a metal roof, this is good for homes that get a lot of exposure to the sun. To help keep your home cool during the summer, some metal roof installers will include overhead ventilation (ASV). Now you know the truth: metal roofs are good for keeping your home cooler, as they reflect the sun's rays.

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