Does a Metal Roof Make Your House Colder? - The Truth Revealed

Metal roofs are one of the most energy efficient materials available to homeowners and can help reduce the energy used to cool their home. Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs do not increase the internal temperature of a house and can even help regulate the temperature of the house by cooling it down in the summer months. This is because metal roofs have a low thermal mass, meaning they reflect light and heat instead of absorbing them like asphalt shingles. The metal roof itself wouldn't make your house hotter than the existing roofing material.

The outside of the metal roof itself will cool much faster (once the sun sets) than the current roof. While the color and type of roofing material you choose can help, it's ultimately the type of construction, insulation, and under-roof ventilation that most determine the temperature of a home. No roofing system will create a cool house in summer, but most roofs help prevent heat from coming in from direct sunlight. Cold metal roofs reflect part of the sun's energy, helping to lower the building's temperature when it's hot.

Just as various finishes influence the heat absorption of metal surfaces, so does the color of the metal. Since then, we have designed, developed and tested three more products, Heavy Shake, Ironwood Shake and IronStone Slate, and we hope to be able to offer more metal cover options in the future. Now you know the truth: metal roofs are good for keeping your home cooler, as they reflect the sun's rays. Whether your roof is built with asphalt shingles, natural stone, or metal panels, dark colors will absorb more heat than light colors.

Roberta Neubecker
Roberta Neubecker

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